The paintings of Bella Ostrovsky celebrate the dominance of color over form and shape.

Each unique creation is an explosion of color drawn from the palette of her most personal emotions. Each color is meticulously placed to create a mood, and reflect a spiritual expression.

Bella was born in the Israeli seaside resort town of Natanya, the country's diamond capital. An only child, her parents were Holocaust survivors who met in Germany after the war, married and immigrated to Israel only to divorce soon thereafter.

Her mother, a nurse, married again and had a child, Bella's half brother Danny. Her father was a successful businessman.

Frequent childhood visits to the home of her grandparents first introduced Bella to the dynamic forces which would inspire her continuing artistic and personal developmentā€”music, literature, visual arts and nature.

Early encouragement by her art teacher in high school started her on her artistic journey. She was inspired by the art of Pablo Picasso, but maintains that her main influence comes from her husband, Victor Ostrovsky.

"I've always been amazed by the beauty I see around me," she says, "and I've drawn from the colors of nature and emboldened them to express my own emotions and feelings."

Bella's Israeli roots have been an intrinsic part of her life and art, and help explain her remarkable use of color. The unique light in Israel has long been treasured for its soft, glowing qualities.

She has also drawn inspiration from elements of the Kabbalah, the study of basic truths about the Universe and the mystical basis of all learning.

When looking at her paintings, one can clearly see her vision is beyond the form without losing touch with the element. She breathes life into her landscapes and magic onto her canvas. Her colors are like well chosen words that string into poem and blend in harmony.


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